bantunutsout on naturalhair 4c

With alot of excitement i share with you my very first SUCCESSFUL bantu knots out. I am really glad that i recorded this processes. Because now i will always know the products and the tricks i used to achieve success with this hair style. This is the second time of me trying this style.

The first time was kind of  “horrifying” results . I am not sure what i did wrong the first time, maybe my hair was just not long enough or i used wrong hair products. For some reason it came out really bad, dry and crunchy. I decided not to try it again!! To me it was a sign of “bantu knots doesn’t fit my hair type”.


bantunutsout on naturalhair 4c

bantunutsout on naturalhair 4c

A few weeks ago i was looking for hair video inspiration to film for my youtube channel. My hair has grown much longer since the last time i tried bantu knots out so i decided to give it a try again. This time around i was going to use different approach and different hair products. Check my video to see the products i used.

To my surprising it came out really amazing. I hope you like it too and if u try it let me know on snapchat or instagram how it came out.


bantunutsout on naturalhair 4c  bantunutsout on naturalhair 4c  bantunutsout on naturalhair 4c