Fashion Statement by Steloo x Yaw P

Hey Earthlings, I hope your day is going as great as mine.

Have you guys seen the NEW official music video of “Fashion Statement” ?! This is the sound track I’ve been using for my videos for quite some time now. I have been loving this song ever since I got my hands on it  and I patiently waited for the video. It’s here NOW! I just knew it was going to be a “sick” video. They proved me  right.

What I love about the concept of the song is it’s originality and the sense of rebelliousness they bring to personal fashion. ‘… wo na ko bo po’’ as Steloo puts it in Ga. It simply means we wear what we are comfortable in and that is our style. The sheer creativity in the video, employing meaningful art to tell a story centred on being YOU is what keeps me watching over and over. This video can be interpreted in many different ways, which brings me to what more I love about it; The diversity, the colours, energy, the atmosphere, the prints and most of all the rawness! 

These two guys just took fashion in Ghana to the next level! from what they are wearing to the setting of the video is just so on point. To me this video is everything!! The duo sees style in everything around them and that is my interpretation of fashion statement ! Fashion is not about the hype of a certain brand or what everybody thinks is nice. Fashion to me is creating style with what you have, where you are and making it work for you. I can go on on and on about my thoughts on “fashion statement”. But let me first introduce you to the brains behind this tasteful piece of music and art.



Steloo is an anchor DJ on‘s Friday Frisco show and Accra dot Alt’s vibrant annual Chale Wote Festival. He enjoys notoriety for being a crowd puller. His acclaimed House of Commons Mix series boasts an eclectic selection of beats and tunes from the depths of music. With a true sense of dedication to his craft, Steloo has worked with various brands across Africa including the Guinness Made of Black project, DSTVs This Is Africa (TIA Project) and DHLs Africa as one tour. He understands to a science his call to duty and the promise to his growing fan base. They Love him.

Yaw Prempeh aka Yaw P

Yaw P is a Producer & Artist who has been spewing some of the most outlandish sounds to come out of Ghana. His style of music usually consists of a strong element of electronic music fused with hiphop and elements of the west african specifically Ghanaian groove. A pioneer in his genre in Ghana he keeps pushing the envelope with his creations.

Steloo and Yaw P are vibrant on social media and I urge you to follow their works (Check the links below). This is their new video, Fashion Statement. You will enjoy it as I already have :). You can share your thoughts with me on their work.

I will personally interview them when I am in Ghana during the last quarter of the year. I can’t wait to get into the depth of their music, fashion sense, and what sort of motivation keeps them on this daring path. 


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