Sakumono Ghana potoshoot beach
Hey guys! For my next photoshoot, I decided on Sakumono, close to Tema. There’s so much to do here. It was hard for me at first to decide whether or not i want to do the photoshoot here, basically, when u have lived at a place for a long time, you start looking out for new places automatically, while you havent even see all there is to see around you. 

I loved how quiet and peaceful the beach is compared to other beaches. It was so soothing to actually hear waves crashing in the ocean. The people are so calm and nice. And on top of that, you can get some really nice seafood around there. If you are one to cook yourself, there are also lots of fresh fish to buy. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that a lot of these things are pretty inexpensive, or better yet, completely free. 

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Love & Light